A Message from Pastor Weeks for Truth Harbor

Truth Harbor Church Family,


We are facing an unprecedented crisis. The coronavirus outbreak is taking the nation by storm. Our public health officials are urging citizens to take every precaution to contain the spread of the virus.


Because of the executive order from the Georgia governor, we will not be opening the church for worship services until April 6. However, we will be live-streaming for Truth Harbor members on Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM and also Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.


We will be sending out the link by text so that every person is able to join in.


In spite of the national lockdown, we still need church! We need contact with our brothers and sisters. We certainly must have the Word of God to provide direction for our lives in the coming weeks.


This is not the time to be casual or dismissive about the magnitude of this pandemic. But neither should we be overwhelmed by fear and panic.


It is also very important that we pray in the midst of this challenging season. Prayer is something everyone can do. The best action we can take at this moment is to call on the name of Jesus. No doubt, we will all be affected.


Quite possibly, you or someone you know could contract COVID-19 in the days ahead. Our economy is taking a tremendous hit and we may all feel the impact soon. The government issued shutdown also makes us aware of the potential for our religious liberties to be curtailed in the future. These are all good reasons we should be spending serious time in prayer.


The church sanctuary is still available for small prayer groups of ten or less individuals. We have a team that is regularly disinfecting doors, pews, restroom areas, etc.


The stress and anxiety we’re experiencing can either bring out the best or the worst in us. It’s all in how we choose to respond.


We should be bombarding heaven with prayer! We should be spending quality time with our family. We ought to catch up on our Bible-reading. Let’s not become carnal and lukewarm while this epidemic rages through the world.




Pastor Ben Weeks

we welcome you

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